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Savings & Investments

With such a large range of savings and investment products on the market, it is difficult to know the most suitable option. From deposit accounts, to equity, property capital secure investments, we will be able to advise on the most suitable.

We can advise on a series of specially designed savings plans, allowing you to invest your regular savings into equity and property based funds, managed by a highly experienced team of investment managers.

At Veterinary Ireland Financial Services we have a unique approach based on a structured review process, and risk control to portfolio management.

We discuss your financial goals; current financial situation, investment experience, time horizon and attitude towards risk all determine your investment "personality" and the investment option that is best for you. The process of establishing attitude to risk can be fairly subjective, but an investment recommendation cannot be appropriate or robust without some attempt at assessing risk tolerance. We go through a process called a 'fact-find' before advising clients. This is an important process in defining the investment characteristics of a person and relating this to an investment proposal. In order to protect our 'clients' capital and enhance their wealth.